Welcome to Sendra Park and Resort , Imphal , India

Sendra Park and Resort

It is 30 km away from Imphal. Nestled in the hills of Sendra the Cottages provide comfortable accommodation that overlooks a gorgeous vista of the Loktak Lake. As the resort is being surrounded by the lake, a visual treat of the picturesque landscape of the boathouses and fishermen at work throwing their nets in the water could be seen. Besides sunrise and sunset at the resort is one of the major attractions. It is a place to take a break from the humdrum of the city life.

Cottages - These are environmentally friendly cottages that provide all the necessities for a comfortable stay to ascertain a good night’s rest. Sleeping in these cottages is an adventure that is comparable to a camping experience.

Sangai Café - A multi-cuisine eating joint at this location invites you to whet your appetite. Be it an Indian or Chinese or even the local delicacies consisting of fish items, the restaurant is at your service.


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